Turkey and Mount Ararat

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Turkey and Mount Ararat


Turkey and Mount Ararat

Turkey and Mount Ararat
Turkey owes its rich history to its key location lying on a cross roads between north and south - Africa and Europe, and between east and west - the Black Sea countries and the Mediterranean.

Several great mountain ranges cut the high Anatolian plateau that makes up the bulk of the land mass. In the south the High Tauros (Toros) mountains, in the north-east the verdant Kackar (Kaçkar) and the isolated twin summits of the great volcano Mount Ararat, reputedly it was on Ararat that Noah's Arc landed. In the heart of Turkey lies Cappadocia (Kapadokya) a unique region of volcanic tuffa ridges that have been the home to several different civilizations who have carved their homes and fortresses out of the soft cliffs and fairyland rock towers.

The south coast is an intricate region of inlets, bays and beaches with numerous small islands set in a turquise sea.

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