Rwenzori Trekking and Safari in Uganda

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Rwenzori Trekking and Uganda Safaris


Rwenzori Trekking and Safari in Uganda

Rwenzori Trekking and Safari in Uganda
The Rwenzori also known as the Rwenzori or as The Mountains of the Moon, are a chain of remote fold mountains, set in the very heart of Africa. They contain some of East Africa's most lush and unusual vegetation together with beautiful lakes. The main summit, Margherita, 5109m, stands above the Stanley Plateau, the largest glaciated area on the continent. Looking west, you can see the endless expanse of the Congo jungle, from the east mist and clouds boil up over the Lake Victoria basin in Uganda, sometimes enveloping the range for several days.

Our trips combine ascents of the main summits with game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park and a gorilla trek in the Bwindi Forest.

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