Morocco - Atlas, Deserts and Ocean

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Atlas, Deserts and Ocean

Morocco - Atlas, Deserts and Atlantic
Morocco is a unique country, combining mountains that are snow covered for more than half the year with deserts where summer temperatures can reach 50°C. The melting snows and rains that fall in the mountains in turn feed numerous springs and oasis bringing life to the arid deserts. To the south of the High Atlas the deserts stretch west to the Atlantic Ocean and east to Algeria, Libya, Egypt and finally the Red Sea. North of the Atlas a much less arid climate helps farming on the fertile plains and rolling hills that stretch north to the Mediterranean.

In summer the Atlantic Coast is kept relatively cool by sea breezes and offers magnificent trekking amongst dunes, over beaches, sea cliffs and through forests. Little villages along the way provide fresh fish and the beaches and creeks wonderful settings to rest and swim in the afternoons.

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