Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus

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Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus


Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus

Mount Elbrus
Mount Elbrus, at 5642m is Europe's highest mountain, Elbrus lies just north of the main Caucasus Range - a range almost 1000 miles long with a heavily glaciated central section containing several summits rising well above 5000m. Many of the remote side valleys are seldom visited except in summer by shepherds. Pine forests, alpine meadows, mineral springs, glacial rivers and periods of settled weather complete the picture.

We have been running a variety of trips to the Elbrus region for the past 12 years. Private trips for groups and individuals may be easily organised as we have a permanently manned base throughout the summer in the Baksan valley with our own administration, guides, support staff and doctor.

Elbrus may be attempted by any strong mountain walker who is familiar with the use of an ice axe and crampons. Nevertheless it is important to remember that it is a mountain of almost Himalayan proportions and goodacclimatisation is essential. In bad weather conditions may become Arctic.

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