Active Holidays in the Azores

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Active Holidays in the Azores


Active Holidays in the Azores

Active Holidays in the Azores
The Azores comprise nine main islands spanning 400 miles of ocean. Pico and Sao Jorge are for the nature and wilderness lover the most attractive. This is where our guided trek is located. Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores, is located on Sao Miguel, the largest of the islands and the most populous. Most visitors fly in here and then take local flights to reach other islands.

There are several excellent walks on the islands, much through unspoilt country, the people are friendly and crime virtually unheard of. Small villages with narrow streets are dotted along the coast and on the hillsides-tops and in almost every direction there are beautiful panoramas of the coastline and the blue Atlantic. At present there are still only a few hotels on the islands and tourism is in its infancy, it is still possible to walk on mountain paths without seeing other people. Many of the paths are not well marked and some older paths have become overgrown by the vigorous growing Himalayan ginger.

In addition to the coastal scenery, mountains and lakes, the town of Furnas on Sao Miguel stands out as a unique location lying at the base of an ancient crater. In the middle of the old town is a magnificent and extensive botanical garden. There are several hot springs and hot bathing pools in and around Furnas, the largest being located at the heart of the botanical gardens.

We organise guided and unguided private trips which are all based at high quality hotels. One of our guided scheduled trips takes in the best walks on four islands and includes an ascent of Pico - at 2351m the highest summit in the Azores and in fact in Portugal.

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